Engineering and Design have been Corporate Link’s major core competency. This translates into higher constructability, reliability and quality on every project

Since 2007 we have been delivering Design turnkey and consultancy services across residential, commercial and hospitality sectors and thereby delighting clients across Odisha with hundreds of successfully executed projects.

Our Vision is to keep our designs sensitive to the context, client and environment. At Corporate Link we believe God is truly in the details. Our design philosophy is built on the highest standards helping us provide trendsetting, time bound design solutions both in Odisha as well as other states across the country.

We’re old enough to leverage experience and young enough to value experiments. We’re backed by a team of enthusiastic youngsters who are highly qualified, well-experienced designers who use the latest innovative technology to create design marvels.

At Corporate Link we work with you, not just for you. Our focus has always been the client’s needs and comfort first. We encourage our clients to be an integral part of the planning and decision making process, at whatever level you’re comfortable with.

That’s why we start by making accurate 3D representations to show you exactly how your space will look on completion, and deliver on time and over expectations every time.

We provide the following engineering solutions based on customer requirement

  • Residential Building plans, Designs & Drawings including estimate
  • Interior design & Drawings including estimate for residential & commercial buildings
  • Architectural design and 3D perspective views


The process of converting architectural and engineering drawings and specifications into real structures involves complex interrelationship between good business management and technology. The success of good companies lies in their skillful and innovative planning and conceptualization of the projects right from the bidding stage. With high competition level in bidding process one requires detailed planning and analysis for every activity. Successful tenders should yield good amount of profit for the organization. At Corporate Link we have developed a team of experts who can provide value added service and engineering solutions in Hydroelectric power and Infrastructure projects right from the bidding stage. Our experienced team is committed to provide customers satisfaction because we look our success through customer success .

Hydroelectric project
Pre-tender Solutions
  • Attend Pre – bid meeting & carry out Site Investigation.
  • Project Planning, Scheduling and preparing Construction Methodology including selection of equipments.
  • Interacting with various agencies & Vendors to collect quotations.
  • Preparation of Cost estimates .
  • Technical discussions & Presentations with Clients
Post-tender solutions
  • Planning & Mobilization of resources
  • Planning for Establishment of Infrastructures
  • Monitoring of project from execution to completion
  • Methodology of execution of projects
  • Pre-Feasibility Report preparation for BOT projects on Hydro sector


We execute residential and commercial building projects on Turnkey basis with high quality and accuracy. We also provide Construction management services for project execution. This lowers cost, improves quality and minimizes construction claims. We offer tailored Construction Management services for clients in construction of building projects. Our vast experience as engineer-constructors, in addition to our strong start up and commissioning abilities, makes us uniquely qualified to manage complex projects for clients with ease.

We bring a variety of construction expertise and innovations to every project. Our team have proven experience and can be relied upon for converting your dreams into reality. Our professionals will manage sustainable infrastructure projects to meet the most challenging deadlines to deliver predictable cost, schedule and quality.

Our Construction Management (CM) services include

  • Cost control and schedule
  • Quality management
  • Safety
  • Constructability
  • Start up and commissioning
  • Construction coordination
  • Field engineering
  • Contract management
  • Materials management
  • Labour relations
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