The process of converting architectural and engineering drawings and specifications into real structures involves complex interrelationship between good business management and technology. The success of good companies lies in their skillful and innovative planning and conceptualization of the projects right from the bidding stage. With high competition level in bidding process one requires detailed planning and analysis for every activity. Successful tenders should yield good amount of profit for the organization. At Corporate Link we have developed a team of experts who can provide value added service and engineering solutions in Hydroelectric power and Infrastructure projects right from the bidding stage. Our experienced team is committed to provide customers satisfaction because we look our success through customer success .

Hydroelectric project
Pre-tender Solutions
  • Attend Pre – bid meeting & carry out Site Investigation.
  • Project Planning, Scheduling and preparing Construction Methodology including selection of equipments.
  • Interacting with various agencies & Vendors to collect quotations.
  • Preparation of Cost estimates .
  • Technical discussions & Presentations with Clients
Post-tender solutions
  • Planning & Mobilization of resources
  • Planning for Establishment of Infrastructures
  • Monitoring of project from execution to completion
  • Methodology of execution of projects
  • Pre-Feasibility Report preparation for BOT projects on Hydro sector
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